TTT 2.09.2014

Today’s TTT is bought to you via the mobile.
1. I’m exhausted.
2. Yet I can’t sleep. I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Its driving me insane.
3. V and went for a 10km bike ride yesterday It was lovely I think we should do it more often.
4. Today we went to the city for a play date.
5.  Tried the new iced coffee mocha from Mac Donalds today it was the best iced coffee I’ve had in a very long time.
6. Dh is away pretty much the whole week.
7. V and I have a play date set for.Friday but I’m still in two minds weather to go or not.
8.The weather is being a little crazy. Cold one day and warm and mild the next.
9. I’m trying to keep on top.of the house work but it seems to be overwhelming.
10. I guess my brain is just doing way to much overtime.


Menstrual cup part 2

So after reading my two posts on – Where to buy your menstrual cup and my review on the MeLuna 

I thought it would be nice of me to head you in the right direction of where to find all the awesome information I’ve read and what really helped me to choose the cup for me. Although I do think choosing the right cup can be trial and error as all women are different every vagina is different and every cervix sits in a different position while you menstruate.

So here are a few amazing mummy blogger who blog about cups and mum fluff.

The fit and Fluffy Mama 


The Pie Patch 

Here are a few website you might want to check out.


Between these sites and some Facebook groups I managed to gain all the information needed before I made my purchase.

My only advice – Do your research and don’t be discouraged if the first cup you buy isn’t the right one for you.

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Vinnie turns two part 2

We had a busy morning opening present’s.


Opening his small gifts from Mummy and Daddy, A three pack of Hot wheel cars.

Books from Nanny in England.

Books from Nanny in England.


A touch screen pad from auntie Clare and Laura.

He was eager to play with the touch screen pad.

He was eager to play with the touch screen pad.

More books from Nanny in England.

More books from Nanny in England.

His present, Minus the hoody which he was wearing and added the money from Baba - Grandma Poland.

His present, Minus the hoody which he was wearing and added the money from Baba – Grandma Poland.

Checking out his new bike.

Checking out his new bike.

Taking a much needed nap before the party started. This is his new hoody.

Taking a much needed nap before the party started. This is his new hoody.

Stay tuned for part three the party. :)

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Vinnie turns two Part 1

So Vinnie turned two years old on August 24th :D I can’t believe I’m a mother of a two-year old.

We headed to clinic for his two-year well check on August 20th.

All went very well although there was a lot of tears he hates being naked for no reason other than a diaper change or bath time.

He got weighed – 13.2KG

He got measured – 91CM

He had his whole body examination and all was well and developing ‘normal’.
We did have a question in regards to his ear I had noticed just the day before a small amount of dried blood on the opening of the ear. The doctor checked it over and presumed he must have caught it with his nail.

She asked about his speech. We explained he is only saying a few words in English. She asked if he saying two words together we outright said no but explained he is listening and taking in two languages at home. She didn’t seem concerned.

Over all the appointment was quick less than 10 mins in the room.

She quickly explained about his next injections which will be needed once he started pre-school. These next injection will cost if we choose to get them done now, however if we get a certificate from his pre school to say he is in enrolled these will be for free.

Stay tuned for photo’s from his birthday.

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MeLuna Mini Medium Review Part1

See my previous post to find out where I bought my menstrual cup.

This post will contain all the information in regards to the cup and my review.

I ordered the MeLuna mini medium in Cyan (Blue/Green)

The cup has a diameter of 45mm and stands 45mm high. It has a capacity of 21ml.

On my third menstrual cycle post-partum I was ready to use my cup for the first time. I even used this cup through my heavy days.

On Day 1 my flow was heavy I woke to my period in full flow. I was a little unsure how it would hold up, I was hoping it wouldn’t leak as we were out for a good four hours running errands that day. I wore a thin panty liner just in case.

The cup was very easy to insert and popped open with no issues I used the U fold. There are a number of fold you can use to insert the cup. (another blog post )

U fold

I emptied my cup after 5 hours it held up well with no leaks and only seemed to be half full. For the rest of the day I wore it for a further 9 hours. At the 9 hour point it did over flow and leak slightly.

I may look into buying a higher capacity cup for these heavy few days once I return to work empting the cup might not be so convenient.

Day 2 I had plans to head to the city to meet friends. I emptied it after 5 hours and then again once I was home.

Day 3 and I felt like I needed a break. I’m not to sure if it’s the way I’m inserting or the way I was removing but I felt sore, slightly bruised around my episiotomy scar. My flow wasn’t to bad by this stage so I switched to my new cloth pads. There will be a review on those too soon.

Overall I love how clean and comfortable I felt while using the MeLuna cup. It was easy to wash, rinse and sterilize at the end of my cycle.

I aim to use this cup a little more on my next cycle in the near future.
I think using the cup will be something that takes time to get use to.


Ten Thought Tuesday 26.08.2014

Ten thought Tuesday

  1. The small guy turned two and the blogs posts are in full swing. Slowly but surely I’m getting through all the photo’s I still have the videos to edit. 
  2. The party went great. Vinnie was so spoilt. 
  3. The Christening went well despite me being sick with the flu. 
  4. Both Vinnie and I are now poorly and have spent the last two days on the sofa resting and sleeping. 
  5. We’ve said good by to the summer and the temperatures are barely reaching 20oC now. 
  6. We have no plans for the rest of the week other cleaning, catching up on the washing and resting. 
  7. My mind seems such a mush today. 
  8. Enough for today. Have a great Tuesday I hope your’s is better than mine.. 
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