8 weeks pregnant w/#2

Back Dated 13th – 19th October 2014
So this week has mostly consisted of morning sickness in till 10am. Early nights a restless sleep followed by early mornings.

Food wise it’s still a huge hit or miss on what I fancy to eat, surprisingly not much.

Nipples are sore to touch, bloating feels crazy. Overall I’m just feeling slightly blah.

17.10.14 today is the first day I’ve not had morning sickness it’s a relief. Although I’m sure it will be back tomorrow.

Slight lack of an update this week.

My current measurements.

Belly Р79cm  Started 74cm

Weight – 53KG Started 52KG

Here’s a quick snap.

Pregnancy #22

7 weeks pregnant w/#2

6th – 12th October 2014

Morning sickness seems to be a regular thing these days, I’ll be glad when it’s over. Headaches tend to be an all day thing too now. I’ve not yet taken any pain meds but today (6.10.14) it’s very tempting.
I was happy to see my pregnancy app tick over to tell me baby is now the size of a raspberry.

7.10.14 starting weight 52kg current weight 51.5kg starting waist 74cm (around my belly button) currently at 80cm! How is that even possible?

9/10/14 – Today I e-mailed my HR department to inform them I’m pregnant and see where I stand in terms of maternity pay, unpaid leave and health care.

10.10.14- morning sickness seems to be ok today it was around for about an hour. I wore my bands, drank hot milky chocolate and toast. Seems to be doing the trick.

11.10.14 – today I pulled out my old fetal Doppler from storage. According to the website they recommend you don’t start using it in till ten weeks due to the chances of hearing a heart so soon is slim. Well I ignored those guidelines and tried it. To my surprised I found a beautiful heartbeat! Once I had heard Vinnies heartbeat you automatically know what you listening for. I heard a slow woash woash woash. It also sounded like baby was doing somersaults inside water if that makes sense.
I listened again the following morning just to be sure and its there. Slow and steady, :)

Here’s a quick snap from week 7.


TTT 28.10.2014

Ten thought Tuesday

  1. I’m so happy I’ve finally been able to share our exciting news with you all.
  2. A big thank you for all the well wishes, congratulations and comments alike.
  3. Yesterday consisted of a lot of housework Perhaps too much I can already feel my pelvis giving me pain.
  4. 4. No play dates this week.
  5. Vinnie hasn’t been well since Saturday mainly just a cold and a slight cough.
  6. I can also see two of his 2nd molors trying to make their way through.
  7. I have a lot of blog post set to be published automatic over the next 10 days or so.
  8. Dh is home today as he’ll be work two night shifts in another city.
  9. I’m really pleased with how much Vinnie’s speech is improving it’s been slow, He’s repeating words well and saying a few words just by himself. I’ll make a mini update on him soon.
  10. I’d really appropriate a break from this sickness and headache that has been plaguing me for the last god knows how many weeks. Even just for one day.

Siggy! ! ! (New)

6 weeks pregnant w/#2

6th October -12th October

Monday consisted of cleaning, a long walk with Vinnie and waves of nausea.
Drinking yoghurt from the bottle seems to help with the sick feeling.
Today we also made our announcement photo. Which I’m sure you have all seen by now. ;)
I also saw my phone app tick over to show me the baby is the size of a blueberry. (6weeks)

Tuesday morning I went to get my blood draw. I’m feeling slightly bruised but all went well once they sorted my paper work out. Which seemed to take forever.

Friday- HELLO morning sickness. Holy hell I feel like death! I ate a small amount I couldn’t finish it. I drank a milky coffee (milky hot chocolate use to help me loads with Vinnie) it seemed to help a little. Today we’re heading out for a play date I just hope I don’t vom on the one hour bus ride to the city.

Saturday and Sunday I’ve suffered every morning and every evening with sickness. They say it’s a sign of a healthy pregnancy this is giving me comfort right now. I’ve fished out my sickness bands and I’m so thankful they are working! They are amazing ! Within 10 mins of putting them on I feel fine. Headaches have been an issue this week too but I’m trying to up my water intake in a bid to ease them.

Here’s a quick snap 6+4


5 week doctors appointment

September 27th today we went to my obgyn appointment. It went well.
He’s arranged for me to get my blood done on Tuesday morning. He’s testing the whole normal pregnancy stuff but also for Lyme disease¬†because of the tick bite a few weeks ago.

He went ahead and did an ultrasound and immediately said yes you’re pregnant, only one baby from what he could see. Measuring around 5weeks.
He couldn’t see much due to it being so small so has asked me to go back in three weeks time to repeat the ultrasound.


I’m excited to see just how much this little bean has grown over the next three weeks.
So far all is going well.
The due date still hasn’t been determined.


5 week’s pregnant w/#2

Back dated. 29-5th October

According to my dates today I am 5w4d. Tomorrow I have my doctors appointment I’m hoping he will do an internal ultrasound and verify the date for me.

This week not much has changed. I’m completely off food I can’t stand the sight of it. I just don’t fancy eating anything. I’m trying don’t get me wrong. I’m aiming to eat pasta, yoghurt and sandwich plus my juicing and prenatal daily. That seems to be all I can manage.

The bloating is noticeable I’ve been trying to hide it from my mother in law since she doesn’t know and living with someone who doesn’t know can be hard.

Sleeping is terrible. I’m awake every other hour for no reason, mix that with Vinnie’s waking’s there isn’t much sleep going on here.

Other than the sleep and food issues I feel fine. No sickness just the odd wave of nausea.

All is well,

Here is a quick snap I took today 5+4.


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