TTT 23.09.14

  1. Ten thought TuesdayI will have some exciting posts coming up over the next few weeks.
  2. I have had a blog post in the making since September 17th I’m hoping to share it with you all soon.
  3. Vinnie has really started playing nicely by himself over the last few weeks.
  4. We’ve been busy painting today.
  5. We made and played with play dough yesterday.
  6. We have a 1st birthday party to attend on Saturday. Let’s hope the weather is nice.
  7. Last week’s Facebook mummy meet up ‘stroll with a stroller’ went well 7 mummies and babies turned up.
  8. Sadly this week due to the unpredictable weather I’ve cancelled the meeting.
  9. Vinnie’s naps have been a random this past week and he hasn’t been napping in till 2pm. Although I’m grateful he’s still napping.
  10. The rain today is rather depressing I can only hope for some sunshine.

Siggy! ! ! (New)

So here’s what happened yesterday

At 9:30am Vinnie and I left home to head to the forest to meet Magda for our forest walk. We had plans to meet at 11am and leave around 3pm.

All was well and we walked a massive 13.5KM over 4 hours through the forest, park and playground. We stopped for a picnic on the grass too at one stage.

Around 4pm we finally headed to the exit of the forest and I popped in to Tesco for some fruit and veg shopping.

I took the Metro 5 stops to my bus line connection. While waiting for the bus I felt a pain in my lower calf. We jumped on the bus thinking nothing of it. Expect while on the bus the pain began to get worse I felt my leg over my jeans it felt swollen with a lump. Sort of like a raised spot would feel with swelling around it.

I thought to myself I don’t remember hitting that part of my leg today.

We got off the bus and waited for the tram, My next connection home. While on the tram I managed to get a seat and sit down. I slowly lifted my jean leg up to discover a tick stuck in my leg.

As I got off the tram at the bus station I was suppose to take another bus home. I decided to call in the local chemist at the tram/ bus station to see if someone there could take it out for me. The lady there advised me to the local clinic to see a doctor or nurse.

So off we went around the corner to the local clinic. The receptionist was rude and just out right horrible to me. She asked me for I.D I told her I don’t have any with me. I showed her my problem , I showed her I had money to pay someone to take this thing out of my leg but she said sorry we can’t help you without I.D ! ! ! Seriously ! ! ! I was so upset.

So we left, Back on to the tram, back on to the bus and back in to the city to my private health clinic where I have my insurance. I walked straight in to urgent care and showed the lady. She rushed me straight through to the treatment room without even asking my name, or details. Isn’t this how the health care is suppose to be. Treatment first and then worry about paper work and who’s going to pay.

With one nurse and one doctor in the room I laid on the bed and she pulled three hard times to remove the tick. Finally it was out and my leg was left bleeding. She cleaned and disinfected everything and I was on my way.

Thankfully with my insurance card only in my bag And all my details on the system I was seen free of charge. :)

I asked the Doctor while I was in the treatment room if I could strip Vinnie down and check him over for ticks before i leave. Thankfully he was clear.

We were soon on our way home once again. By this time it was 6:30pm. Traffic was bad. Back on the bus, back on the tram and my husband called to say he’d be passing through the area and would swing by to pick us up from the main tram/bus station. We finally arrived home at a very late 7:20pm.

Today my leg is doing so much better than yesterday no pain just some slight bruising.

And Vinnie is catching up on his sleep napping like a champ.
A photo from yesterday

And a photo from today


TTT 16.09.14


  1. 1. I’ll write half of this now and the rest of when I get back tonight.
  2. Today Vinnie and I are heading to the city to spend the day walking in the forest.
  3. We went to the forest last Saturday afternoon and we had a great day ! I’ve recently wrote a blog post about it.
  4. The autumn weather has been treating us well with very little rain and plenty of sunshine. :)
  5. I feel so satisfied when I leave the house clean and tidy before I head out.
  6. Well that was an eventful day.
  7. Consisting of  5 buses 3 trams and 2 metro rides.And then my husband coming to collect us from the city.
  8. Our day sadly ended in the emergency room.
  9. It’s been one of those days.
  10. But thankfully all is well :)

Happy Tuesday!


TTT 09.09.14


1. Another TTT bought to you via mobile.
2. I’m having serious issues with my internet at home. Its slowly driving me insane how many times I have to reset my router on a daily basis.
3. I’ve recently set up a Facebook groups for expat mothers to meet and go for walks.
4. Its proving to be a hit with nearly 30member already.
5. Our first meeting will be this Thursday we plan to take a walk around the forest.
6. Vinnie is really starting to be naughty and very demanding.
7. We finally ordered a juicer it should be delivered tomorrow.
8. Dh also bought me some new converse.
9. I still haven’t gotten around to.editing the videos from Vinnies birthday and to be honest I don’t think I will.
10. I’ve been watching a new reality program called hardcore pawn. It’s really quiet entertaining how some people behave in public.

Happy Tuesday!