September 17th a day remember

Just like I remember December 14th 2011 like it was yesterday. Here we are again with another life changing date. September 17th 2014.
The day started out as normal. Up before the sun, Vinnie waking me, my husbands alarm going off.
We got up drank tea, ate breakfast and hung out while dh showered and got ready for work. Finally after he left the bathroom was free.
Leading up to this day I’d had very little symptoms other than certain smells had made me feel a little sick. My period wasn’t due for another 2-4 days but as I do every cycle when I hit CD 30/31 I test. So today wasn’t any different than the previous cycles or so I thought. And then this happened.


That right there is a positive pregnancy test.
My first thought holy Shit!  Oh my goodness. Wow!
How do I tell my husband?
What about work? I didn’t go back to work yet, what about my health insurance? I really hope it’s another boy.
Its been a good few hours since I took the test and the line is still there. I’m in shock I can’t believe we have been so blessed.
……. written 17.10.14 13:50……..
To be continued.

So It’s now 7pm and DH knows. Sadly I didn’t get to record his reaction because he sussed something was up by my face before I could get him to sit down and turn the camera on.

He asked me what did I break like he always does when I have a smirk on my face and 9/10 I have broken something. LOL

So I told him ‘I didn’t do anything. Nothing at all it was all your doing.’

I then handed him a folded piece of A4 paper with the pregnancy test taped to the inside. He opened it and said ‘Really? For real?’

I asked him if he’s happy about it. He said of course. :) He’s still a little sceptical as he was with Vinnie in till we went for the scan at nearly 6 weeks.

So after some talking we’ve decided to test again on Friday 19th September. I’ve also booked a head of time an appointment with my obgyn for possible confirmation which can easily be cancelled if need be for Saturday  27th September at 9:45am.

………..Written 17.09.14  19:00…….
To be continued.

So this morning I peed on a test again and yep right there is another positive.
Top photo was from the 17th bottom test from 18th,
Oh so slightly darker but it’s looking more real now.
…..written 18.09.14 06:26AM…..
So day three into peeing on a stick. It is most definitely no mistaking those positive lines. I just wish they would get a little darker.

…….written 19.09.14 07:30AM……

It’s getting darker ! Holy crap maybe I’ll stop testing soon ;)

4days in a row. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
……written 20.09.14 09:35AM……
So yesterday (Saturday 20th) dh and I headed out shopping we stopped by the chemist to buy a ‘real’ test rather than just relaying on those internet cheapies we also bought some prenatals. There really was no point in buying this shop Bought test it was more for curiosity than anything just to see how dark the test was.


As you can see the line is clearly darker than the previous tests.
I think now is the time to stop testing. :) I’m excited for my doctors appointment next weekend (27).

…..written 20.09.14……

One last test done this morning just to really see if those cheaper internet test really do work.

And sure enough after 6days of testing it’s the same colour as the control line
Here’s another photo compare the first test at the top with today’s at the bottom.
Now I’m even more excited to see my doctor.
…..written 23.09.14 17:24pm…….


TTT 21.10.14


1. An early morning ttt today Its 6:30am.
2. I’m awake and Vinnie is still sleeping.
3. We have a play date set for today at 12pm.
4. The weather is really windy cold grey and wet. I’m not to sure if I want to go out in it,
5. Dinner last weekend with friends got canceled due to lack of babysitters.
6. We will reschedule.
7. This Saturday we have my nieces birthday party dinner. I hope it doesn’t go on too late.
8. I’d really like to get up and make and eat breakfast and drink my tea but I know as soon as I move Vinnie will wake up.
9. Greg is working away for the rest of the week. :( just me and the small guy.
10. You definitely know the winter is coming I’ve been putting my heating on most mornings and its still dark in till around 7am!  Crazy.


TTT 14.10.14

Ten thought Tuesday1. Tuesday tuesday tuesday, Today has been a testing day.

2. Vinnie is demanding I sit with him. I’m trying to ‘work’ on the laptop in the kitchen and he keeps pulling me to go and sit with him.

3. Sometimes I just need 5 mins away from the cartoons which he insists to have to be on all day long even though he doesn’t watch them.

4. We are heading for a play date tomorrow.

5. But first I have to go to my work place to sign some paper work.

6. The weekend went well we have made plans for Vinnie’s bedroom and have started buying.

7. Bunkbeds, wallpaper and bedding set have been bought and ordered. If you follow me on Instagram you would of had a sneak peek already.

8. I’ve made the most amazing beef stew for dinner my first attempt and from tasting it whilst cooking it’s amazing !

9. I had plans for a meal out with friends on Saturday evening but it seem they have yet to find a baby sitter. It looks like it might postponed.

10. The weather today is making so damn sleepy, I just want to eat my tea, shower and go to bed and snuggle with my toddler.

Have a nice week x

Siggy! ! ! (New)

TTT 7.10.14


1. Tired, I have a headache and I’m just feeling blagh!
2. It’s so windy out. We made it out for one hour 2km walk.
3. Vinnie is taking a second nap today. I can see this ending badly tonight.
4. The house is a mess.
5. Dh is away so I’m taking it easy.
6. Tomorrow is a new day so cleaning can be done then.
7. As always my life really isn’t that exciting so I don’t have anything to share.
8. I really want to start potty training Vinnie but dh doesn’t think it’s a good idea.
9. Yesterday dh and I went shopping we have an up and coming dinner out with friends I went to buy boots and a dress sadly I only bought boots so I’m still in search of a dress.
10. Happy Tuesday all!