TTT 19.08.14 ???

Ten thought Tuesday

  1. 9pm isn’t too late for a TTT right?
  2. We’ve had a crazy busy weekend and week so far and it’s set to continue.
  3. Birthday party preparations are in full swing here.
  4. We are having a garden party with BBQ for Vinnie on Saturday. Stay tuned for photo’s next week.
  5. Today we went to the city to meet with a friend, I also attended a ‘job interview’ and then an afternoon coffee with my Godmother and I also happen to meet my new boss. Who will be still at the school I work once I return after maternity leave.
  6. We have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow for Mr Vinnie. It will be his 2 year well check.
  7. My period decided to turn up on CD37. I guess it’s better than never if I’m not pregnant.
  8. I’ve been using my new menstrual cup for the last two-day and I’m very impressed! I have the blog post already start but more than likely it won’t be up in till late next week. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day.
  9. The rest of the week will consist of cleaning, washing, ironing, putting away and party prep both shopping and food.
  10. On a side night it’s been a little over one month since I stopped nursing and Vinnie is still trying his luck, Playing, fiddling and attempting to get the nip his mouth at every chance. Any tips on how to stop this?

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Are you active?

Do you really know how much activity you do?

I do.. I’ve been using RunKeeper for the last few months to keep track of the distance I cover. My goal has been to slowly increase the distance each month even it is just by 1km per 1km is further than the previous month. Every step count to keep your heart healthy and your body young.

In April 2014 I logged – 62.9KM

May 2014- 116.9KM

June 2014 – 95.8KM (I’m not to sure what went wrong with this month)

July 2014 – 121.9KM

I’m currently at 48.1KM on August 11th 2014.

This post will be continued over the next few months.

Do you use any applications to keep track? If so which ones?

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An early Birthday present

We had a delivery last week from my mother in the UK. Vinnie’s second birthday is fast a approaching and he was eager to open at least one of the three parcels she sent.

So I allowed him to have the smallest. :) He was so happy to open it.


Can you tell how happy he was.


trying his very best to open it.


With some help from Daddy he did it.


Two magnetic books, one number and the other the alphabet

These books are AMAZINGGGGG ! ! ! Seriously I couldn’t of asked for a better gift. Vinnies loves them but I love them even more. I plan to do a full review on each book because it is NEEDED. Seriously they are by far the best educational books for a toddler I’ve seen.

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TTT 12.08.2014

Ten thought Tuesday

  1. Busy day today so this TTT is bought to you a little later than normal currently it’s 7pm.
  2. We had an early morning and were up and out the house by 9:30am. Only returning at 5pm.
  3. We went to the city. I met with three friends, Vinnie played in the soft play centre, We ate dinner in a restaurant, I bought new shoes for the up and coming christening and on the way home we stopped at a super market to buy birthday supplies.
  4. The planning and preparation for Vinnie’s party is coming together nicely.
  5. DH built a new bench and table for the garden. We also bought a huge tent although I’m sure they are called gazebo’s or something.
  6. Tomorrow I have another play date planned for pretty much the whole day.
  7. I’m yet to start this weeks online course. I feel like I’m behind and stressing. I hope V will take some good naps over the next few days so I can get stuck in.
  8. Next week we have a busy week full of appointments since DH is off work once again with a one week holiday. Dentist, hairdresser, 2 year well check so expect a few blog posts.
  9. My period is currently 1 day late… Tick tock tick tock.
  10. I’m seriously hoping Vinnie will go to bed early and easy tonight. I want an evening filled with trashy TV and alcohol.

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