Soft play fun

Last Friday DH and I took Vinnie to a huge indoor soft play centre located in the city centre of Warsaw.

Vinnie has been to smaller more suitable soft play centre to accommodate his age but I wanted him to be feel challenged and conker some of the fears he has around not being able to do some things alone.

While we were there we took photo’s but mainly short video clips. Here’s a link to where we went. Funpark Digiloo

Vinnie really enjoyed it but most of all he enjoyed the big white slide.

Here’s a small video I put together.! ! ! (New)
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Greece part 4

Slowly I’m working my way through the photo’s, I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a glimpse into our trip so far. There really is far to much to share over a few blog post but here goes – The streets.

This is Athens the life, the daily commute, the dirt, grim and heat all packed in to one post.

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TTT 29.07.2014

Ten thought Tuesday

  1. We are looking forward to a play date tomorrow.
  2. My online course has finished and I’m waiting to hear back from them regarding the results.
  3. Another online course started yesterday afternoon which I’m taking. I’m hoping to crack on with it while Vinnie naps today.
  4. Vinnie is doing well developing his own way of playing, learning to sort colours, puzzles and has grown to love books.
  5. Last Friday I took V swimming with a friend and her little boy. V had fun although ended up drinking a far amount of water. :(
  6. There will be two more posts up real soon regards our trip to Greece.
  7. Since this course is a light one 1-3 hours per week I plan to try and be more bloggy.
  8. This morning I ordered my nephews 2nd birthday present. His birthday isn’t in till November but I’ve decided to buy him a picnic table and chairs so he’ll get it early and enjoy it through the summer.
  9. No nursing is going well. Vinnie is sleeping amazingly. 9:30pm till 8am most days. With perhaps just one wake up to drink water.
  10. All a little random today.

Happy Tuesday

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A look back over the last two years.

As I like to keep this blog for my own private viewing as well, I figured it would be nice to look back on this post I’m about to share.

I nursed Vinnie for 22 months and 3 weeks. Here’s how it went.

Where it all began, Nursing at just three days old.

Where it all began, Nursing at just three days old.

Two months old and trying out new positions.

Two months old and trying out new positions.

Bed time routine.

Bed time routine.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200



Still going strong at 11 months.

Anoher bedtime shot

Another bedtime shot

New years eve 2013.

New years eve 2013.

Nursing in public, Lodz Poland shopping mall.

Nursing in public, Lodz Poland shopping mall.

Nursing on the beach in Greece.

Nursing on the beach in Greece.

This is the last photo my husband captured of the amazing bond Vinnie and I shared on our breastfeeding journey. Taking July 12th 2014 at the top of Acropolis Athens, Greece.

This is the last photo my husband captured of the amazing bond Vinnie and I shared on our breastfeeding journey. Taking July 12th 2014 at the top of Acropolis Athens, Greece.

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The cow is dead

dead cowTalk about milking the cow ! I’m officially done nursing !

Ok ok,.. I’m still waiting for my boobs and body to get the memo but I’m done!

It has officially been one week since Vinnie last latched on and drink mummies milk.

We nursed for 22 months and 3 weeks ! ! !

I’m proud of what I have done, I’m happy I have provided my son with the ‘best start’ but I’m so so glad it’s over.

Some may ask what prompted the decision to stop, for me it was selfish reasons I guess one would look at it and say.

While in Greece for 9 days Vinnie went on complete hungry strike eating nothing but two fork full’s of noodles and declining water, as his mother who is responsible for him I was so grateful I still had the milk I could provide for him but my god was it exhausting. He nursed every 2 hours round the clock. It was hitting 40 oC most day, It was hot, humid and we were out most days walking.

Trying to drink enough water not only for my own body but for him as well was tough going.

The sleepless nights due to the hot weather, the noisy AC and the uncomfortable bed add to that I was on my period which happened to last a full 9 days ! (Half of the holiday and a few days once we were home). I was well and truly ready to reclaim my body once we were home.

And that I did.

On Wednesday morning July 16th 2014 at 6am Vinnie nursed for his very last time.

Over the last week we’ve had a little roller-coaster going on with a few tears and tantrums but mostly he’s been a sweetheart. Nap times have been easy-going. He seems to just pass out and fall asleep when he wants to, Which suits me fine. You may have seen on Instagram.
bedtime are another issue, I tend to lay on the bed with him in till he falls asleep, Before he was always nursed to sleep. So laying next to him I feel is the next step. It’s taking on average anywhere between 15mins-1.5hour for him to fall asleep. – This is a work in progress.

Overall it has been smoother than I expected. He is still pulling down my top to kiss my nips, Since I did have plasters on them for nearly 4 days and told him Mummy has ouchies. Kisses are so much better than nursing.

Over the last week I’ve pumped twice a full 5oz’s from each breast on the 2nd day, 2.5oz’s from each breast on the 3rd day and nothing since although I can see and feel I have a lot of milk going on in there.

As for Vinnie’s eating and drinking now. He’s like a horse I’ve never seen him put away so much food.

So that pretty much sums up what’s been going on in the nursing department.

Any comments, question’s or feedback feel free to leave a comment below.

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TTT 23.07.2014 Delayed

Ten thought Tuesday

  1. The reason this is delayed… I fell asleep
  2. It happens when you put off blogging in till the very last minute of the day and then put the toddler to bed.
  3. My husband is still off work and i’m so ready for him to go back.
  4. We’ve been arguing nearly every day since the holiday started and that includes while we were in Greece.
  5. On a good note Vinnie has completely finished with nursing. Today marks one week of not a single latch.  Another blog post to come about that – it’s on my list.
  6. His sleep has improved, his eating has improved. It’s just a shame his behaviour hasn’t
  7. My period came again in July pretty regular so I’m currently 4 days since the bleeding stopped which means i get to start my medication the doctor prescribed me after my abnormal pap.
  8. Since being back from Greece it feels like I can’t a break. So much to do, My husband is so demanding. You’d think he was a toddler.
  9. I’ve been looking in to flight’s to visit the UK in Jan ’15 since my brother will be having a Christmas baby. I’m just trying to work the logistic as it seems to be cheaper to fly once again while in the UK from my fathers to my mothers than take the train.
  10. I’m hoping once my husband goes back to work things will calm down and my mood will improve.

Happy Tuesday x x

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