I’m scared

Perhaps I’m writing this too soon, but I’d really like to talk to someone, someone I just don’t have right now. So the blog is where I turn.

If you follow me on Instagram you would of seen a little over two weeks ago I was bitten by a tick whilst walking in the forest. Thank fully I was able to get to the clinic and have the tick removed within three hours of noticing it.

But that hasn’t stopped me worrying. Last Saturday I went for a general check up with my Gyno, He asked me to go for a full blood work check up. So I mentioned to him I had been bitten by a tick. So he added another blood test to the works and went a head and tested me for Lyme diseases

The over all blood work came back OK although I’m slightly anaemic.

Last night I received the blood work from the Lyme disease test. I’m worried, Really worried. .

My igG is high.

My igM is fine.

There is a note on the bottom on the paper work stating they would like to me to go in for a further test called Western Bolt.

After spending way to much time on Google last night and this morning I’m really scared. A high IgG points to a positive test.

I’ve given all my information to my husband who will be calling my doctor on his personal mobile today to see if I should move my next appointment forward. (I have a blood work review on October 18th.)

Is there anybody out there who has any experience with blood work, how to read blood work, Lyme disease or just some reassurance. :(

TTT 30.09.14


1. We were up at a very early 5am and on the road at 6am.
2. I went for a blood and urine test this morning. Dh drove us there and I took the bus home with Vinnie tagging along.
3. Vinnie is currently napping while I’m drinking tea, eating cake and watching botched up bodies.
4. Friday I have a play date arrange I hope the weather stays nice.
5. The ironing pile just seems to be growing.
6. Dh and I have decided and have already started making plans to build Vinnie a bedroom.
7. We’ve been choosing new furniture.
8. Dum De dum
9. I’m tired
10. Its 10:30am and I’m sat with the heating on brrrrr it’s getting chilly.


No I won’t cover my breasts, my baby is eating!


As a ex breastfeeding mother I can see two sides of this argument.
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Originally posted on Feminism and motherhood:

Okay, so recently I’ve been in the media because a manager at my local Wetherspoons told me to cover up with a dishcloth while breastfeeding my 11 week old baby. I have been very vocal in my complaints, for many reasons. And I have been attacked online by members of the public both for my actions and for my complaints.

The thing is, this isn’t just about how I was humiliated over breakfast, or how our prudish views contribute to us having such low rates of breastfeeding. This is about so much more. This is about hyper sexualising women, and shifting the embarrassment and blame over to the victim of prejudice. The real question is: WHY does a small amount of exposed breast with a baby attached make you so uncomfortable? And why are women responsible for covering up? If other people have such warped and perverse views that they…

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Amazing Nutella cookies

I had to share, I was looking online this morning for a quick easy cookie mix and ta da!  I found this http://kirbiecravings.com/2014/05/4-ingredient-chewy-nutella-cookies.html

So easy, so simple and so quick oh and oh so yummy! !!
I used two small eggs rather than one large but its all the same right? Oh and I forgot to add baking powder lol but still they cooked and taste great! 

Give them a try!
Enjoy! ! :D


TTT 23.09.14

  1. Ten thought TuesdayI will have some exciting posts coming up over the next few weeks.
  2. I have had a blog post in the making since September 17th I’m hoping to share it with you all soon.
  3. Vinnie has really started playing nicely by himself over the last few weeks.
  4. We’ve been busy painting today.
  5. We made and played with play dough yesterday.
  6. We have a 1st birthday party to attend on Saturday. Let’s hope the weather is nice.
  7. Last week’s Facebook mummy meet up ‘stroll with a stroller’ went well 7 mummies and babies turned up.
  8. Sadly this week due to the unpredictable weather I’ve cancelled the meeting.
  9. Vinnie’s naps have been a random this past week and he hasn’t been napping in till 2pm. Although I’m grateful he’s still napping.
  10. The rain today is rather depressing I can only hope for some sunshine.

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